DeepImage Animation Previews -

DeepImage Camera Animations

Camera animations are preset camera movements on paths and have red icons in the DeepImage library. You cannot adjust the camera positions or zoom level. If you would like the item being rendered farther from the camera use the Scale tool in Model view to make your item smaller so it fits in the scene. Note - There are repeats of many of the animations, these repeats are listed under each animation, use either one for your scene.

DeepImage Turntable Animations

Turntable Animations do not animate the camera, but simply turn the item in front of a fixed camera, these have green icons. You can set the position and zoom of the camera just like a still animation using Pan and Zoom controls. Because the item is turning and not the camera the floor will also be stationary. If you use environments with textured or patterned floors it will give odd visual results in the video.