Honeycomb a jour

Warning - You may run into boolean issues or crashes on the step where you remove the faces after subtracting the shank from the box. If this happens delete the advanced ring, adjust the front view curve so that the top is very flat like in the video. Rebuild the advanced ring and follow the steps again. Feel free to experiment with other ring shapes and let me know the results either in the forum or through the support desk email.

(Optional) Retopology Users - When using retopology the points may appear to be stuck. Be sure you have your view looking from the bootom side of the sleeve object as the honeycomb is projected on the bottom surface. The support object is set to see through, but not frozen, so the object is blocking the points from the top view. I'll follow up in the future with a video on how to modify your honeycomb using retopology.

Honeycomb with Retopology

Create Solids:

Advanced Ring, Ring Scooping, Honeycomb

Jewelers Bench:

Ring Size Builder, Cut and Delete, Clone, Radiused Box, Boolean Operations, Modelling Grid, Magic Solid, Pave


Symmetrical Vertical Curve, Symmetrical Horizontal Curve, Cyclic Curve


Move, (Optional - Retopology)