Project - Shrimp Ring

Creating a Classic Ridged Shrimp Ring, also taking a look at errors and some tips on fixing them.

Note for V9 Users:

The behavior of the intersection curve has changed since V8. Like many other tools, the items used in the Intersection Curves tool get "used up" and will no longer show in the viewport after validatring. When you reach this step you can check the "Keep Original" option to keep them after validating. Alternatively, you can do it without the "Keep Original", after the ring disappears, Right-Click the Sweeping Wizard item from the History (Under Intersection Curves) and select "Reference Object". This will bring it back to the tree as its own item and re-appear in the viewport.
Create Solids:

Ring Size Builder, Extrusion, Move/Rotate/Scale, Graduated Duplication, Boolean, Intersection Curve, Multi-pipe, Filter, Ring Scooping, Part Doctor, Polygon Conversion

Jeweler's Bench:

Sweeping Wizard


Symmetrical Curve in Relation to a Point, ,

Special Parameter:

No Cutting Face