Fully Parametric Ring Part 1 - Setup

Note for V9 Users: At 6:08 in the video when selecting the ring size builder, you will notice the ring rail builder tool has changed. In V9 there is now a Ring Size Mode option that is defaulted to custom ring size where you can choose a default plane. If you plug in the Ring Size Builder here it will place your rails on the top plane of the ring size builder. You must switch the mode to "Predefined Ring Size" then you can plug the Ring Size Builder in the correct box.

Fully Parametric Ring Part 2 - Modifications

Fully Parametrric Ring Part 3 - Advanced Parametric Module

Note: You may not have the Advanced Parametric module in your version of 3DESIGN. This was previously included in a beta form. If you would like more info on this module contact your sales or support rep for your region.
Create Solids:

Curve Sweeping, Crop and Punch, Extrude, Move Rotate Scale, Circle Sector, Modify Curves, Cyldrical Projection, Boolean Operations

Jewelers Bench:

Ring Size Builder, Stone, Ring Outline, Ring Rail Builder, Bezel, NURBS Curve, Variable Channel, Multi Cutters


Symmetrical Vertical Curve (Plane), Rectangle, Fillet